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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Evergreen County a Homestay or a Resort?

Evergreen County is a place which offers a conceptual stay for nature and adventure lovers inside a coffee estate. It provides facilities more than a resort and personal touches more than a homestay.
What type of Rooms does Evergreen County Have?

Evergreen County offers unique stays in Wooden Cottages, Stoneage Retreat Cottages, and more, making yourself a memorable experience.
Are Bathrooms Attached In The Cottages?

Yes, bathrooms are attached to the cottages.
What Are The Best Routes To Reach Evergreen County?

There are several options to reach Evergreen County:
Option 1: Bangalore-Mysore-Hunsur-Deviation towards Nagarhole Forest-Irrupu Falls-Barapole Tea Estate-Hudikeri-Ponnampet-Gonikoppa-Evergreen County (Towards Virajpet)
Option 2: Bangalore-Mysore-Kushalnagar-Golden Temple-Nisargadhaama-Dubare-Siddapur-Ammathi-Virajpet-Evergreen County (Towards Gonikoppa)
Option 3: Bangalore-Mysore-Hunsur-Deviation towards Nagarhole Forest Road-Balale-Kirgoor-Gonikoppa-Virajpet (But gates are open only from 6 AM TO 6 PM)
Option 4: Bangalore-Mysore-Hunsur-Thithimathi-Gonikoppa-Virajpet-Evergreen County.
Is There Any Age Limit To Experience The Stay At Evergreen County?

Evergreen County welcomes guests of all ages, from 4-month-old children to senior citizens over 90 years, ensuring basic facilities and offering adventurous experiences close to nature.

How About Safety And Security Of Visitors?

Evergreen County is inside a private fenced property with no access to trespassers, In addition to that we have the CCTV installed along with a 24/7 security in charge to safeguard the guest's safety.
Is Liquor Served At Evergreen County?

No Liquor will be served at Evergreen County, Guests can carry it from outside.
Is It Ideal For Couples And Families?

Yes, we have hosted thousands of customers who came as couples and families.
What Is The Maximum Capacity At Evergreen County?

With Cottages we can host upto 150 PAX, With Tents we can extend to 200 PAX.
What Is The Limit To Block The Entire County For Our Team/Family?

To block the entire set-up for your Team/Family you must have a minimum number of participants of 100 PAX and should block the cottages well in advance.
Does Evergreen County Provide Transport?

Yes, we provide transport and take care of sightseeing as well. You need to book in advance only.
How Many Days In Advance Do We Need To Book Our Stay?

The sooner the better, As Evergreen County follows a first come first serve booking policy!
How Does Advanced Booking Work At Evergreen County?

To freeze the cottages, 100% of Payments Need To be Made (Or 50% to Block, and 50% during Check-in).
Which Are The Places To Visit In Coorg?

Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary/ Mathigodu Elephant Camp / Irrupu Falls/ Chellavara Falls / Chomakund / Tadiyandamol Hill Top/ Brahmagiri Forest / Raja seat / Abbey Falls / Golden Temple (Tibetian Monarch ) /Dubare /Nisargadhaama / Omkareshwara Temple/ Tala Cauvery and many more unexplored places.
What Is The Difference Between Group & Couple Package?

Group Package is Multiple Sharing i.e. minimum 3 Sharing to Maximum 20 in a Cottage, Couple Package i.e. 2 Sharing or with Kids Less than 6 Years (Kids 6 to 10 @ 50%, Above 10 Adult Charges Applicable).
What Does Your County Set-Up Include?

1."Mellow Yellow 2.0" Tribal Cottage.
2. "Eagles Inn" Wooden Cottage.
3. "Secret Spices Resto Cafe" In-House Kitchen.
4."Vibgyor" Stage set-up with the open ground for events and outdoor games.
9. 'Hunt Smart Shopee" For Shopping.
10. "Violet Vintage" Family Cottage.
11. "Indigo Indeed" Family Cottage.
12." Blue Bubbles" Family Cottage.
13." Green Grass" Family Cottage.
14."Yellow Yarrow" Family Cottage.
15."Orange Olive" Family Cottage.
16."Red Rose" Family Cottage.
17. Stoneage Retreat Cottages for Couples.
What Is The Distance to Evergreen County?

Evergreen County is 240 km away from Bangalore, 180 km from Mangalore, 90 Kms from Mysore, 95 Kms from Wayanad, and 85 Kms from Kannur.
What Are The Activities Organized By Evergreen County?

Activities include Kayaking, Coracle Ride, Pond Swimming, Zipline, Sky Cycling, Burma Bridge, Night Lantern Walk, Gun Firing, Trekking, Dart Games, Indoor and Outdoor Games, Fun, Adventure, and Team Building Activities (Can be organized as per the package chosen and should be communicated well in advance).
Do You Have An In-House Kitchen?

Yes, a Main course which will be Kodagu Homemade Cuisine, apart from the main course starters or any other additional arrangements can be made at ‘’Secret Spices RestOCafe’’ the in-house kitchen of Evergreen County.
What Are Nearby Sightseeing Places In Evergreen County?

Matghigodu Elephant Camp, Chelavara Falls, Choma Kund, Malathirike View Point, 18th Century Church, Private Water Falls, River Side Trekking Places are the nearest places to visit, but it is advisable to follow the plan of covering the places on the way while travelling to reduce travelling and covering more places.
Can Trekking And Guide Be Arranged By The Evergreen County?

YES! The Evergreen County Team will be making the arrangements on request, prior intimation will be appreciated to avoid any kind of inconvenience. (Guide / Entry Charges Applicable)
Does Evergreen County Have Highspeed Internet Access Available?

Yes, We have high-speed WIFI and Internet connection facilities in the common areas.
Are Pets Allowed At Evergreen County?

Yes indeed, we are a pet-friendly property and are well-handled by the owners.
What Is The Check In And Check Out Time?

Check-in is at 1 PM and check-out is at 11 AM
Does Evergreen County Provide Baby Care?

No, But our team will be happy to help to make sure even the baby will have a pleasant stay @ Evergreen County.
Is Evergreen County Safe For Infants?

Obviously yes, We have hosted the youngest being 4 months old.
Who Is Eligible To Stay At The Evergreen County?

NO age bars! Until and unless you have some energy and enthusiasm to try something different in life.
Which Is The Closest City/Town To Evergreen County?

Virajpet is the closest city / Town.
Can We Do Some Barbeque While On The Campfire?

Yes, Barbeque can be done but needs to be ordered as per the menu.
How Old Is Evergreen County?

It was started on 31st December 2009.
What Are The Booking Cancellation Policies of Evergreen County?

In case of booking cancellation within 7 days, No refund is applicable (Please refer Cancellation Policy).
Can Evergreen County Arrange For Starters? 

Yes, Starters can be arranged if it is ordered as per the 'County Pit Stop' menu which will be in the Secret Spices RestOCafe.
How Is Evergreen County Different And What Does It Offer?

Evergreen County provides a unique holiday experience close to nature and adventure with a rustic ambience with wooden cottages, adventure tents, campfires with music, plantation trials, water activities, rope activities, games etc.
What Form Of Payment Does Evergreen County Accept?

Cash Payment, Google Pay, Paytm, Razor Pay and any kind of Online Transactions (Cheques not accepted).
Is Car Parking Available At Evergreen County? Any Charges Applicable?

Yes! It is completely free for our customers.
Is Smoking Allowed?

Outside the cottages, it is allowed, but for the safety of guests, smoking inside cottages/tents / common areas is restricted.
Is My Personal Information Safe And Secure On Your Website?

Evergreen County is committed to protecting your personal information and maintaining your privacy.
Can Evergreen County Arrange a Late Check-Out?

Yes, but at an additional cost.
Do The Cottages Have Fans?

Yes, but hay grass roof and laterite stones will keep the room cool.
What Type Of Night Entertainment Is Offered At Evergreen County?

Campfire (Bonfire), Night Plantation Walk, Fun Activities etc.
Can Evergreen County Arrange Day Tours And Excursions?

Yes, as per the customized requirement.
Where Can We Buy Groceries And General Shopping Need?

Virajpet / Gonikoppa depends on the route you are travelling.
How Can One Arrange Tours Outside Evergreen County?

Share your plans with the reservation team or call on the numbers provided on the site.
Campfire Area Dedicated To Single Group or To Be Shared?

A common Campfire will be arranged, In case of groups above 20+ separate campfire will be arranged (In case of Rain - No Campfire).
Adventure Tents On Additional Price?

"No, There will be no additional charges for guests who have been allotted with cottages."
What Are The Different Types Of Games Offered At Evergreen County?

County Football, Shuttle, Carom, Volleyball and other fun and adventure games.
How Can One Reach To Evergreen County? 

By road that is, own transport or by bus. The train is a better option to Bangalore or Mysore for people travelling from other districts, states etc.
What Is The Best Time To Visit Evergreen County?

365 days, depending on interest to travel. In Rainy Season, you can enjoy monsoon showers amidst nature and experience high rapid white water rafting. In summer, you can do trekking and adventure activities. In winter, you can feel the chill breeze, get cosy and enjoy the cool weather. In spring, you can enjoy, the season of coffee/fragrance/blossoms etc. So, it’s different yet fun throughout the year!
Are The Basic Needs Provided At Evergreen County?

Yes, We provide the basic needs. We have not compromised on the basic comfort of our guests.
Are Ice Cubes/Refrigerators Available At Evergreen County?

Yes, Ice cubes can be arranged on request and a Refrigerator is available at Rest O Café.
Do You Have Proper Power Back-UPS?

Yes, Evergreen County has proper backup with UPS, Generator and other chargeable devices (If Everything Fails, We will have the Lanterns arranged for You :)
Does Evergreen County Provide Televison?

Yes, You have a common point in Rest O Cafe to watch your favourite sports, news, shows etc.
Will Evergreen County arrange a Conference And Meeting?

Yes, the County does provide an open-air conference stage in a unique way. We have a Separate Place to have a Meeting with a Small Stage, Share your requirements to make arrangements accordingly.
Can Evergreen County Help To Organize Special Occasion Like Birthday Parties Anniversary etc.?

Evergreen County management will be more than happy to arrange your special day on request and intimation in advance.
Is Breakfast And Dinner Timing Fixed?

Keeping your holiday in mind, we are flexible to some extent. Otherwise, the timings are: Breakfast: 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM Dinner: 9:30 PM to 10:30 PM
Is Evergreen County Free From Mosquitoes And Other insects?

YES! Evergreen County uses natural mosquito repellents like sambrani and lemon grass sticks to keep away mosquitoes and insects as a theme of our cottages.
Do You Provide Toiletries?

Toiletries and towels should be carried by the guest specifically for Group Stay, the rest of the basic things for the stay will be provided. (On special requests we will provide toiletries and towels).
What Is Special In Coorg And Where Can We Buy It?

Coorg is famous for spices, honey wine etc. You can buy it from the Evergreen County store or intimate in advance to make arrangements.
Is There A Swimming Pool?

Yes, We have a Swimming Pool with a Water Fall set-up…. But we recommend to Explore our Natural Pond :)
Are Kids Charged?

Kids upto 6 years are not chargeable. 6 to 10 Years at 50% and above 10 Years Adults Charges Apply.
Is the Adventure Activities Safe?

Yes, We have GETHNAA Certified Instructors and our Adventure Partner is Adventure Mantra Pvt Limited who is one of India's Top Adventure Organisers.
Assistance in Preparing Food for Infants?

You can co-ordinate with your Super Hosts for any assistance.
Is Pet Stay Charged Extra?

Yes, Pet Cleaning Charges will be applicable at 1000 Rs per Pet.
Is Pet Food Available?

You can co-ordinate with your Super Hosts for any assistance.

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