Coorg Store

We understand that buying gifts to bring home from your trip is a cherished tradition, but are you concerned about finding the time to shop? No need to worry - we've got you covered. At Evergreen County, we offer an in-house store stocked with all the traditional items Coorg is famous for, including honey, wines, tea, coffee, and more. Visit our store to find the perfect gifts in Coorg for your loved ones back home, bring them a piece of your journey and make them smile.



Purchase the natural sweetness of locally sourced honey.



Acquire our selection of exquisite wines, perfect for any occasion.


Coffee Powder

Pick up the rich, robust flavour of freshly ground coffee from Coorg.


Tea Powder

Buy the aromatic blends of our finely curated teas.

Coorg souvenirs placed on a table - Evergreen County

Coorg Souvenir

Secure a piece of Coorg with our unique souvenirs.

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Kachampuli Liquid

Enhance your home-cooked meals with Kachampuli liquid sourced from Coorg.


Coorg Spices

Stock up on authentic, aromatic spices from our store in Coorg.

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