Cottages & Camping

The entire concept of Evergreen County - Coorg is built with an unique way to stay close to nature, we definitely do not want to build something makes it just another day  of your routine when you are on a holiday atleast. We bet, Our cottages are the most unique and are built with the help of amateur people equipped with full of creativity. Cottage with attic…yes, that’s right! This will reminds you of the ancient houses in Coorg or your childhood memories, a private sit-out which  gives you complete space to chit chat with your loved ones, a balcony facing lush greenery surrounded with coffee, pepper and other interesting plants & trees around. To make it even more pleasant you will hear the birds chirping, see the butter flies, hear the cricket sound, at times you get a chance to see many fireflies just below the stars….the feel which will be mesmerizing being lost in the mid of mother nature.

And for camping enthusiastic travellers can stay in the adventure tent pitched amidst the greenery, experience the rustic and raw camping in Coorg….

Wondering about the age group ? Nothing to do with the age… it’s all abougt your attitude to make it an experience and make it different…. Luxury holiday seekers should stay away from this option

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